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With the various housing assistance and down payment assistance programs available, finding the right home that will meet a particular programs criteria can be difficult.   Below are some links to a variety of real estate services that will help you search for your dream home.  If you are not already using a real estate agent there is a link to help match you up with a local real estate agent that can help you fulfill your dream of home ownership.

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It is always recommended that home buyers work with a licensed Real Estate Agent.  Working with a licensed Realtor offers home buyers the advantage of their expertise not only in their local marketplace but also they will be very helpful when it comes to the legal and technical aspects of home buying.  Real Estate agents work on a commission basis so there is usually no additional fees to the home buyers.  Buying a home, especially for first time home buyers, is one of the biggest events you will ever go through.  That is why finding the right Realtor is very important.  Below are some links to help find a licensed Real Estate Agent in your area.

Real Estate: Looking for a New Home?

FORECLOSURES:  Buying a home out of foreclosure is one the best ways for homebuyers to save a lot money.  However, sometimes these homes are in need of major repairs, or might have some hidden issues with them.  If you decide to purchase a home out of foreclosure or a short sale please do so with caution.  Below is some additional information about finding foreclosure homes in your area.

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FOR SALE BY OWNER (FSBO):  FSBO’s are another good way to save money.  Some home owners choose to sell their homes themselves without the help of a real estate agent.  The main reason they do this is to increase their profits they will make on the sale of the home.  For the home buyer, this can be a good thing, sellers will more than likely be more negotiable with the purchase price since they will not be paying the Realtors commissions.  Follow the links below to help locate FSBO’s.

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